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Our experienced consultants work with our clients in the following areas:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning focuses on how to get your technology infrastructure back up and running again following an unplanned interruption.  A Disaster Recovery Plan (or “DRP”) is a written set of procedures that guide the responses and actions to be taken in the immediate aftermath of a disaster event.  Detailed, step-by-step instructions are developed that are used to guide recovery efforts.

Business Continuity Planning

Whereas a Disaster Recovery Plan focuses on recovering your technology infrastructure, Business Continuty Planning focuses on the recovery of all critical business processes following a disaster. A more holistic approach to resumption planning, Business Continuity Plans are step-by-step procedures for recovering all elements of your most important business processes.

Climate Change Continuity Planning

Being proactive about the effects of climate change has become an integral part of a proactive risk management program. Our climate change experts are uniquely qualified to evaluate your organization’s exposure to climate change-related risk and to make recommendations to mitigate those risks.

Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis (“BIA”) is the starting point for many organizations when they imlenent a business continuity program.  The BIA’s primary objective is to identify the quantitative and qualitative impacts of disruptions to your business operations over time.  Interviews and/or group sessions are conducted to collect this information along with data about interdependencies between business processes and the minimum resources required to resume operations.  From this analysis an organization can make informed, educated decisions about which business processes are mission critical, thus allowing you to focus your disaster recovery and business continuity planning efforts where it is most needed.

Risk Analysis

A risk analysis is conducted to identify, qualify, quantify and evaluate the risks your organization faces. We are particularly strong in the field of climate change risk analysis.

DR/BC Plan Testing

Testing is a critical yet often overlooked element of a successful business continuity program.  Many organizations invest time and money to develop Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plans but leave them sitting on the proverbial shelf for years. This complacency is dangerous as plans quickly get out of date.  Employees can not be expected to successfully execute recovery procedures under the pressure of a real disaster situation when they have not been able to practise them in advance.  Our Testing Services include audits of your existing plan documentation, conducting walk-throughs of your plans and planning and orchestrating full-scale testing of your organization’s ability to successful execute a recovery.