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BC Earthquake Risk Increases During “Slow Slip” Events Every 14 Months

“Roughly every 14 months, for about a two week period, seismologist Alison Bird won’t park underground. That’s because she knows the chances are higher of a big earthquake striking.”
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21st Century Disaster Recovery Planning: Bounce Forward, Not Back

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, businesses of all sizes face daunting competition. Public sector organizations deal with stakeholders whose expectations are high and continue to rise. In this context, traditional disaster recovery methodologies are no longer enough.

Climate Change and Business Continuity: Traditional Resiliency Planning Is Not Enough

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies are among the first places that forward-thinking organizations must begin to consider how climate change will effect their operations. The complexities that must be considered go far beyond the traditional considerations that resiliency planners are comfortable with.